David Iglewicz

(aka, “Iggy”)


Phoenixville, PA


Race Category

Cat 2

Notable Finishes

PA Bar (2013)
PA Time Trial state Championship (2012)
12th Place – Track Worlds Point Race

Social Profiles


Thank you to my family and friends for allowing me time to ride my bicycle. Cycling has been my therapy for the last 15 years. It allows me to forget all my worries and brings me to a state of bliss (once I get beyond the pain). Cycling has afforded me the opportunity to meet many great people along the way. Enough with the sermon now to the good stuff. I am a father of two wonderful children. Brandon my oldest (already taller than me) is an extremely driven eloquent young man. Sydney is a passionate powerful young woman who loves to dance and perform.

Sandy is the love of my life.  She takes care of me through the good and the bad.  The largest member of our family is Jax. Jax will soothe your mind and loves to be pet(once he gets to know you).
My profession is Pediatric Dentistry. I enjoy educating and bringing children back to dental health.
My passion has always been studying and performing the art of “well being”. I always try to be on the cutting edge of nutrition, and performance. My drive is to make the world a better place one day at a time one person a time. I love to share my drive by making others just as excited.

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