Thomas Detwiler


Philadelphia, PA


Airline Pilot; Captain
Jetblue Airways

Race Category

Cat 1 Road

Notable Finishes

1st Place – Pro/Cat 1 Lou Maltese Memorial, New York (2015)
PA Bar Campion Masters 35+ Road (2014-15)
Top Ten Masters National Championship (Criterium)

Social Profiles


At the young age of five, Tom started BMX racing. His mother brought him to the track every Saturday, and Tom quickly racked up a lot of experience and developed his passion for racing. In his early 20s, after a 15-year hiatus from BMX, Tom began to race again—this time on speed skates. Being a technically challenging sport, speed skating not only rekindled his interest in racing, but also allowed him to develop his technique and build experience, while racing elite athletes from all over the world.

This experience carried over to cycling in 2006, when Tom began to transition to the bike—at first, mountain biking on local trails in Chestnut Hill in the Wiss, and eventually moving to the road. Starting with group rides in the local area, Tom was encouraged to begin racing in 2012. He started the season as a Cat 5 and quickly ascended to Cat 2 by the end of the season. After a couple years racing the fast guys as a Cat 2, Tom earned the Cat 1 upgrade at the ripe “old” age of 36.

When Tom isn’t in the cockpit flying airplanes, he is almost certainly getting a ride in on his days off. Whether it’s hammering for Strava KOMs or a casual ride to reflect and decompress, Tom loves to get out, rain or shine (or snow), all year long.

Tom lives in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia with his three children. Cycling runs in the blood at the Detwiler household, with a garage full of bikes to cover all disciplines. Tom and the kids love getting out on the bike together as much as possible.

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